Method & Goals

Consolidated Targets

Maintaining consistent quality standards is imperative. In recent years, the company has prioritized addressing ecological impact concerns, investing in modernization processes to align with EU environmental impact laws. This commitment guarantees a safe and respectful work environment at all times.

Industrial Promotion

A.Cesana S.r.l. actively participates in leading organizations within the foundry sector, advocating for quality and trust among its clientele.

The primary goal is to support clients in their growth and technological progress. A.Cesana S.r.l. is dedicated to nurturing their development, ensuring they maintain competitiveness and efficiency in their respective industries.


A.Cesana S.r.l. operates globally, promoting the use of new technologies to reduce operating costs, streamline production processes, and enhance productivity and process stability in the smelting industry.

Customer Relationship

Just as A.Cesana S.r.l. works daily to provide its customers with the most advantageous production solutions, the company ensures that its production processes utilize modern technology and stringent laboratory controls to maintain high production standards. This commitment to excellence enables customers to benefit from A.Cesana's reliability and dedication to quality.

A.Cesana, since 1879 products and new technologies for foundries.