Serving foundries since 1879

A. Cesana S.r.l. today is a chemical company founded in 1879 in Italy and produces a range of fluxes for the treatment of non-ferrous alloys, casting mould paints, diecasting release agents, degassing systems and density measuring devices. It also distributes melting and waiting crucible furnaces, reverberatory furnaces and ladles for transporting liquid metal. It also has a warehouse stocked with materials for foundries such as refractories, insulators, filters, ceramic fibres, casting cups, pyrometric liners, crucibles for precious metals, pre-formed channels, boron nitride paints and casting funnels.

Products - Furnaces and Crucibles
for Foundry Industry

Products and New Technologies
for the best Foundries

◎ State-of-the-art products, furnaces and equipment
◎ Certified quality
◎ International Supplies
◎ Transparent and competitive costs

Our sales team in metallurgy and foundry products, thanks to constant training and experience gained over the years, proposes the best solutions - also from a technological point of view - for the management of your non-ferrous alloy production process and guides you in the correct application of our products


Trattamento Leghe

Flows for the scorification, structure refining and modification of aluminium alloys.
Degassing equipment with rotor and density control instruments


Crogioli e Rotori

Morgan crucibles and rotors, silicon carbide and graphite clay manufactures for aluminium alloys, copper, zinc, gold and precious metals


Vernici Isolanti

Water-based insulating varnishes for the protection of shell and low-pressure moulds, for controlled solidification and easy removal of castings from the mould


Macchine Degasaggio

Degassing machines with rotor and instruments for density control of aluminium alloys


Distaccanti e Lubrificanti

Concentrated emulsions, quality greases and waxes for better release of die-cast castings, piston and container lubricants, extrusion lubricating sticks


Forni e Siviere

Reverberatory melting furnaces. Electric or combustion or DUAL crucible furnaces with gas and electricity supply.
Liquid aluminium transport ladles



The main principles of our environmental sustainability policy are based on prevention, energy efficiency and the use of renewable raw materials.


Our main goals include the conversion of old technologies into new processes, the reduction of pollution in general, and the development of products and ovens that can reduce environmental impact and energy use.

Health & Safety

Health & safety is one of the highest priorities within A. Cesana. The aim is to provide growth and development without compromising the safety of people and the environment.


It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own health, safety and especially that of others around them.



Competence in the foundry world, willingness to improve, dedication to work and honesty.
These are the essential factors for anyone who wants to apply and aspires to grow within our company.


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