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The A.Cesana company, established in 1879 by Alfonso Cesana, is a leading manufacturer of metallurgical treatments for non-ferrous metals, castings release agents, coatings for low pressure and gravity die casting and most of the chemical products of duly need to the foundries.

In the Italian market the company distributes electric, gas and dual energy crucible furnaces for melting and holding, of aluminum and copper alloys.

The offering does contemplate also a wide range of crucibles, refractory, insulation materials, ceramic wares and accessories for foundries and cast-houses, plus degassing stations and qualitative analysis instruments for the solidified metal. Accessories for continuous casting machines and casting slabs and billets.

The Company operates worldwide and promotes new solutions, using modern equipment and performing stringent and meticulous laboratory tests to ensure the product and its use.

The objectives of consistent quality are imperative. Similarly, great attention is paid to ecological problems, in addition to the necessary commitment to constantly ensure a safe working environment and human scale.





Customers all over the world are the dimension of A.CESANA S.r.l.’s success, the result of our men’s intelligence and work, the numbers of a world stature company.

More than 120 years of work by our customers side have convinced us this sinergy is the most efficient marketing technique.

Our target to have only satisfied customers impose us to reconsider, day after day, our strategies, our organisation, our culture and our management. Quality is not a simple equipment problem.

To consider a strength point to follow with attention users needs has contributed to a technological development of the company extremely fast and on the same wavelength as the maret.

Today A.CESANA S.r.l. is able to supply products for particular needs, ensuring to customer “made to measure” results.


Quality strategy and customer satisfaction

In 1993 A. CESANA S.r.l. was one of the very first to be approved to EN ISO 9001 Certified Quality System by Det Norske Veritas. In fact, the number of Quality Certificate is 0069.

Now, the A. CESANA’s Quality System is applied according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, giving evidence of the capability to keep under control his management, technical and manufacturing processes, relevant for product quality.

In particular, the targets of A. CESANA’s Quality System are:

achieve and maintain such a products quality in order to satisfy continously the customers needs, expressed or implicit.
ensure that pre-established quality is achieved, maintained and perfected.
ensure customers that pre-established quality is achieved and improved in supplied products.
The A. CESANA’s Quality System is constituted of planned and systematic behaviours and actions, necessary to give confidence that our products and services satisfy determined and restrictive quality requirements.
All this is completely carried out only if the requirements fully correspond to customer needs. To be efficient, the A. CESANA’s Quality System requires a continuous valuation of factors which influence the project suitability compared with predicted uses, and requires besides controls and checks in manufacturing, installation and testing phases. In the Company organization, the A. CESANA’s Quality System constitutes a management instrument. In contractual ambit, it also serves to determine customer confidence in our products.

The A. CESANA’s Quality Control implicates operative techniques and activities, turned both to keep processes under control and to perfect management system. Quality services improvement is in line with politics adopted by the company organization.

Process evaluation and improvement

The processes evaluation and improvement activities are carried out in line with Customers expectations and needs. The evaluation has the rule to identify activities and area that need to be improved. The improvement is actuated with projects managed by dedicated teams, using Total Quality Management methods and referring to measurements of examined processes and activities, as well as of Customer Satisfaction data found through suitable soundings.

Quality System

A.CESANA S.r.l. operates with a Quality System in accordance with norm UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Therefore, all processes related to sales, to products distribution and support, Customers solutions and services are in accordance with and certified according to mentioned norm.

Process measurement and perfomances

The Company has defined a system of processes performances measurements. The measurement of more significative and important indicators allows to activate the initiatives to improve performances, in accordance with Customers requirements and expectations.

Customer satisfaction and Excellences

Customer Survey method is widely used to:

  • listen to Customer’s voice
  • compare ourselves to best factories present on the market
  • activate and coordinate improvement programs

How to Contact Us

Our Customers have at their disposal several instruments to communicate with us to signal to direction possible problems related to products quality, supplied solutions and services:

Tel. + 39 02 3534941 | Email: info@acesana.com


Boldness and passion for technological research

A.Cesana was established in 1879 by Alfonso Cesana in Milan (Italy), in the geographic centre of industrial development, where entrepreneurs, with bigger sensibility to new demands of change, found a fertile ground of growth, progress and improvement.

The activity initially started as a bronze foundry and continued for nearly two decades, until the company became manufacturer and distributor of foundry consumables in non-ferrous metals applications.

For over 140 years the company has produced a wide range of products for metallurgical treatments of aluminium, copper, magnesium and zinc alloys. The range includes: fluxes, coatings, release agents, high temperature materials, lubricants for extrusion, boron nitride coatings and degassing units.

The Company was certified in 1993 with EN ISO 9002 Quality System byDet Norske Veritas and in 2002 obtained the Certification according to norms UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
In 2016 it renewed the certificate with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Now the Company operates in Italy and throughout the world, and promotes its technology and modern solutions. Production is operated using modern machinery and accomplishing strict and meticulous laboratory controls. Targets of constant quality are imperative. Likewise, big attention is reserved to ecological problems, besides necessary attendances to assure steadily a safe and man-sized work environment. These goals are important as much as the products quality.


As of today our company is present through a proven, expert and loyal network of distributors in more than 40 countries in all the continents.

They are our force as we dedicate a wide amount of time to technical training and customer’s processes improvements.

This is why we like then to redirect any of your request to one of them; as products sales are just a small part within the metallurgical processes improvement,while application, dosage and technical support is their biggest asset they’ll offer you, by working with them.


A. Cesana S.r.l. | Via Filippo Turati, 23 – 20016 Pero (Milano)

Offices are open:
Monday to Thursday from 8.30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 17.30
Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and 13.30 to 16.30

  • How to reach us:

    A. CESANA is located in Pero, an industrial area close to the Milan city-center and very near to the new “Milan Fair” (Fiera) in Rho.

    It’s just 40 km far away from Malpensa Airport and 12 km from the City center, connected to the motorway (Tangenziale Ovest/ West Tangenziale), exit Pero, with direction Molino Dorino – Pero – Zona Industriale.

    If you like to come by underground take Line 1 (RED) and stop at Pero station.

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