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for the metallurgy of:


Fluxes and equipment for the degassing,
covering, de-oxidation, structural grain
refinement and modification
in the non-ferrous alloys.

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Water based coatings
for the protection of the molds,
the cast release and the
lubrication of the mechanical parts.

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Release Agents

Concentrated or
pre-diluted solutions,
for the best cast release
on high pressure presses.

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Our products

Our laboratories are currently employed in the fine tuning of consolidated products and in the development of new ideal technologies for your best foundry management.
That is the reason why we are able to supply some of the most avant-garde solutions to our customers.

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We participate at the most important international sector’s fair.
During these events we expose our products and demonstrate, the advantage of working with us.
Our experts are always available to solve your needs and improve your outlook.

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Quality and History

Since more than a century we supply the most important foundries
in the world of convenient and high technology solutions.
Recurring to our acknowledged experts and developing
the right instruments to work, we are able to draw and realise,
those products enabling the customers to improve their business
performances and result in a higher return over investment.
We constantly help foundry mans to choose a growing path
and bring them on that mission since 1879.

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Our catalogues

Discover through our catalogues an introduction to our products,
dedicated to the metallurgy of non-ferrous alloys.
Please note that these are just a bit of a big variety of solutions we firmly chose,
constantly sell and suggest you now.