DUAL SEF – ROTOR DEGASSING UNIT Device for rotor degassing treatments, designed for aluminum foundries. The controlled rotation allows the distribution of a micronized nitrogen (or argon) flux. The addition of deoxidizing action of salt is more effective than the one obtainable with a manual mixing. Porosity, impurities and oxides are removed from the bath. … Continued

Crystal 2600 – Drossing in Granular Form

Crystal 2600 is produced in granular form and has an improved formulation to perform effective covering and drossing on molten aluminium alloys. The product is normally recommended for melts standing in melting furnace, in transport ladles or during rotor degassing in ladles and crucibles. The formulation is based on inorganic and natural blended salts. This … Continued

Aluclean 18 – Covering and Drossing-Off Flux

Aluclean 18 is a covering and drossing-off flux to be used in melting and holding furnaces for aluminium alloys. During melting operation the cover flux protects the molten charge from the oxidizing furnace flames. Aluclean 18 reduces oxide inclusions formation in liquid metal. When used as drossing-off flux, Aluclean 18 must be stir into the … Continued

Flotab 10 – Tablets for Cleaning Action

Flotab 10 tablets for cleaning and deoxidising action over molten aluminium alloys contained in reverberatory furnaces. This product has been especially formulated to obtain an effective reduction in the formation of oxides and drosses that normally adhere on refractory walls. Flotab 10 avoids the risk of hard inclusions and formations of Corundum. The tablets reduce … Continued

Crystal 2026 – Drossing-Off and Deoxidizing Treatments

Crystal 2026, supplied in granules, is suitable for drossing-off and deoxidizing treatments and for automatic addition during rotor degassing treatment of molten aluminium. Product suitable for aluminium alloys including high Magnesium, Strontium treated Al-Si alloys and hyper-eutectic alloys. Packaging and storage 25 kg paper bag laminated with polythene, moisture resistant, heat sealed at the base … Continued

Aluxal 203 SS FPS – Flux for Aluminium Alloys

ALUXAL 203 SS F.P.S. is flux studied for covering and drossing-off treatments of aluminium alloys. The flux creates a physical barrier between molten aluminium and furnace atmosphere during the melting. The product reduces oxides inclusion and allows the production of high quality casting. The dross produced during the exothermic reaction is dry and very low … Continued