AlCuP – Aluminium Phosphorus Rod

AlCuP – Aluminium Phosphorus Rod Eutectic and hypereutectic AlSi foundry alloys are increasingly being used in the casting of parts for the automotive and machinery industries. Such parts must have a fine homogenous silicon structure. In order to achieve this, the maker of the alloy or the foundryman adds Phosphorus to his melt. Aluminium phosphides … Continued

Elidron 208 – Degassing Treatments of all Aluminium Alloys

Elidron 208 releases Nitrogen gas which is useful for washing and degassing the molten alloy. Nitrogen gas removes hydrogen entrapped by the metal during melting operations and brings to bath surface all oxides, micro-oxides and impurities. Elidron 208 tablets have a combined effect. The tablets, dissolved by metal temperature, release nitrogen gas capable to remove … Continued

Germinal 1499 – Grain Refining for Aluminium Silicon Alloys

Germinal 1499 is recommended for aluminium silicon alloys containing silicon over 13% and up to 26%. The tablet introduces phosphorous in the metal creating a very fine dispersion of silicon crystal plates. This phenomenon, known as grain refining, is easily obtained by using Germinal 1499. Germinal 1499 guarantees a consistent and perfect distribution of phosphorous … Continued

Crystal 2026 – Drossing-Off and Deoxidizing Treatments

Crystal 2026, supplied in granules, is suitable for drossing-off and deoxidizing treatments and for automatic addition during rotor degassing treatment of molten aluminium. Product suitable for aluminium alloys including high Magnesium, Strontium treated Al-Si alloys and hyper-eutectic alloys. Packaging and storage 25 kg paper bag laminated with polythene, moisture resistant, heat sealed at the base … Continued