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OXIBRON 10 – Flux in Tablets Form

Oxibron 10, flux supplied in tablets form, is recommended for metal treatment of copper alloys, especially for Gunmetals, Tin-bronzes, Lead-bronzes (with Lead content below 10%).

The product gives the advantage of three different, essential actions: covering, cleansing, degassing.

The tablets, charged in the bottom of the crucible before metal addition, during melting operation, decompose and release an oxidizing scavenging gas together with carbon dioxide capable to bubble inside the metal bath for the removal of harmful hydrogen and to prevent further pick-up.

Oxibron 10, when dissolved, forms a protecting slag cover on metal bath surface.

This product is not suitable for copper alloys containing aluminium, manganese and silicon. Alloys such as aluminium or manganese bronzes, brass die-casting alloys, ect.

Packaging and storage

250 g tablets in 25 kg boxes.


The product is hygroscopic: Store in a dry storage and close the package after each use. If the product is stored in a dry place away from sunlight, the product does not expire.

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