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CUPRAL 103 N – Special Flux for Bronzes

Cupral 103 N is a special flux recommended to reduce oxides formation in aluminium bronzes, manganese bronzes, silicon bronzes and brasses con­taining aluminium.
The product also redu­ces the build-up of heavy drosses on crucibles and furnaces walls and creates a protective cover on metal bath, reducing gas pick-up.

Cupral 103 N is ideal to prevent the formation of aluminium, manganese and silicon oxides that give problems of metal fluidity reduction.

Cupral 103 N produces dry powdery dross; it is ideal for bale-out furnaces used in diecasting foundries.

Packaging and storage

25 kg paper bag laminated with polythene, moisture resistant, heat sealed at the base.


The product is hygroscopic. Store in a dry storage and close the package after each use. If the product is stored in a dry place away from sunlight, the product does not expire.

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