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“DOSING-FLUX” is a new dosing system to perform automatic addition of powdered or granulated fluxes during transfer of molten aluminium alloys in all foundries and aluminium production of foil, slabs, extrusion and recycling alloys.

The system is fully automatic and can be installed either on a fixed or on a moving station. Also proposed as a retrofit on rotor degassing machines or as a flux feeder over transfer launders. The dosing system eliminates the presence of the operator. The electronic program will provide a complete cycle, starting from the pouring of the furnace or the initial stage of degassing station. The use is very simple. The operator can program the exact quantity of dosage for a determined time on the touch screen. At the end of the cycle the unit will stop. In case of remote control an external switch (furnace tilting micro-switch) can activate and stop the dosing process.

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