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since 1879

NABOX – Sodium Modifier

Nabox tins contain pure metallic sodium. The product is used for the modification of aluminium-silicon alloys containing 7-13% Silicon. To increase the mechanical properties of the alloy it is essential to modify silicon element and promote a very fine structure. Metallic sodium avoids the possibility of gas pick-up during modification treatments. The bath retains the advantages of preliminary degassing and the crucible walls are not attacked by modifying fluxes. Nabox tins are filled with high purity metallic sodium, free from oil, oxides and other impurities. The air-tight aluminium containers provide maximum safety during storage and handling.

Packaging and storage

Card board boxes homologated (n°4G/X35/S/01) containing:

  • Nabox 25 grams n°200 pieces
  • Nabox 50 grams n°150 pieces
  • Nabox 100 grams n° 75 pieces

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