Foundry products
since 1879

GERMINAL 1950 – Boron Grain Refining Flux

Germinal 1950 ia a high quality product for additions of Boron element into molten metal. The product is Sodium free. Germinal 1950 is giving very fine micro structure and, as a consequence, high mechanical characteristics. The positive action of Boron fa­vours the formation of large quantities of crystallisa­tion centers.

Germinal 1950 is suitable for high conductivity Alumi­nium alloys, Al 99.5 and Al 99.7.

Packaging and storage

500 gr tablets in 25 Kg boxes.


The product is hygroscopic. Store in a dry storage and away from heat sources. Close the package after each use. If stored properly the product has a shelf life exceeding 12 months.

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