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GERMINAL 1520 – Grain Refining Tablets

Germinal 1520, top quality product, has perfect characteristics from the point of view of Ti : B ratio, quantities of Ti + B released and good dispersion of grain refining cores. The tablet contains only grain refining agents. For a complete distribution into the melt of Titanium Borides cores, it is necessary to degas the melt after the grain refining treatment. The stirring action, promoted by degassing, helps to obtain the desired metallurgical results.

With Germinal 1520 it is possible to obtain very fine metal structures and, as a consequence, high mechanical characteristics. The positive action of Titanium and Boron favours the formation of large quantities of crystallisation centers and counteracts grain growth during thermal treatments of castings.The product is normally used for Aluminium-Magnesium, Aluminium-Strontium pre-modified alloys and all other Aluminium alloys.

Packaging and storage

– 100 or 200 gr. tablets in 25 Kg boxes.

– 500 gr. tablets in 30 Kg boxes.


The product is hygroscopic. Store in a dry storage and away from heat sources. Close the package after each use. If stored properly the product has a shelf life exceeding 12 months.

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