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CRYSTAL 2600 – Drossing in Granular Form

Crystal 2600 is produced in granular form and has an improved formulation to perform effective covering and drossing on molten aluminium alloys. The product is normally recommended for melts standing in melting furnace, in transport ladles or during rotor degassing in ladles and crucibles. The formulation is based on inorganic and natural blended salts. This gives no fumes, no burning drosses and other risks during handling and use. The flux is not suitable for those alloys not tolerating the presence of sodium.

Packaging and storage

25 kg paper bag laminated with polythene, moisture resistant, heat sealed at the base.


The product is hygroscopic. Store in a dry storage and close the package after each use. If the product is stored in a dry place away from sunlight, the product does not expire.

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