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ALUXAL 3000 – Flux for Reverberatory Open Flame Furnaces

Aluxal 3000 is a special flux, recommended for reverberatory open flame furnaces.
The product is capable to clean and remove, from refractory linings, the thick layers of oxides formed by metal heat and flames velocity at the bath metal level. The build-up daily growth creates problems of contamination, reduction of furnace capacities and stresses on furnace lining structures.
The product can be used for cleaning of furnace sole and for the removal of deposits and accumulations of drosses which reduce the capacity of the furnace.

Packaging and storage

25 kg paper bag laminated with polythene, moisture resistant, heat sealed at the base.


The product is hygroscopic: Store in a dry storage and close the package after each use. If the product is stored in a dry place away from sunlight, the product does not expire.

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