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METKOTE 101 – Protective Coating

Metkote 101 is a new protective agent formulated with tixotropic elements to be diluted in water and applied on refractory insulating linings or metal surfaces in contact with molten aluminium alloys. Ideal for the protection of cast iron pouring ladles, skimmers, degassing lances, launders, iron crucibles, filter boxes and ingot moulds. Dross press heads and molds should be protected with Metkote 101 to extend life and resist to the thermiting process and erosion of cast steel due to exothermic reaction of the dross. This coating is studied to avoid contamination of the aluminium alloy with iron pick up.

Packaging and storage

6 kg tin


The product is frost sensitive. Store at temperatures above 5 ° C and close the pails after use. It is possible that during storage some products containing mineral ingredients tend to precipitate. This phenomenon is absolutely normal due to the specific density of the minerals. It is important to mix the product carefully before use. If properly stored the product shelf life exceeds 12 months.

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