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Newcote Al 29 – Base Coating on Steel Dies

Newcote Al 29 is an insulating product recommended for coating dies of low-pressure and gravity permanent mold.

Newcote Al 29 contains highly insulating minerals and is studied to resist to thermal shocks and abrasion deterioration during production cycles.

Newcote Al 29 is widely used by foundries producing automobile and houseware components.
Newcote Al 29 is used as base coating on steel dies and prevents molten metal erosion in critical areas.

Newcote Al 29, a product offering excellent chemical and physical stability, giving extreme protection from liquid metal attack. Long production cycles are achieved when using Newcote Al 29. The white colour of the coating is an excellent indicator of the surface layer erosion.

Packaging and storage

7 kg tins


The product is frost sensitive: Store at temperatures above 5 ° C and close the pails after use. It is possible that during storage some products containing mineral ingredients tend to precipitate. This phenomenon is absolutely normal due to the specific density of the minerals. It is important to mix the product carefully before use. If properly stored the product shelf life exceeds 12 months.

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