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METALCOTE 24 S – Insulating Die-Coating

Metalcote 24 S is a newly formulated die-coating which consists of a blend of insulating mineral compounds, water, binder and additives. The coating is suitable for aluminium gravity foundries and finds its best application in coating die cavities when liquid aluminium, after being poured into the mold, starts to solidify. Its new formulation is the result of our experience and of modern technology additives improving wetting and dispersing capabilities of foundry coatings. Recommended for all aluminium alloys poured in gravity dies with regular geometry and casting pattern. Particularly suitable, due to the insulating properties, for feeding heads to delay solidification time and extend feeding effect. Presence of sodium or strontium modifiers in the alloy will not affect its life.

Packaging and storage

– 8 kg tin


The product is frost sensitive: Store at temperatures above 5 ° C and close the pails after use. It is possible that during storage some products containing mineral ingredients tend to precipitate. This phenomenon is absolutely normal due to the specific density of the minerals. It is important to mix the product carefully before use. If properly stored the product shelf life exceeds 12 months.

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