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DUAL 2 – Transportable Degassing Unit

DUAL 2 – Transportable Degassing Unit: the unit has been designed and constructed for aluminium foundries operating with rotary degassing treatment. The controlled rotation of a graphite shaft and impeller distributes a stream of micronized nitrogen (or argon) bubbles which will eliminate porosities and force to surface all impurities and oxides.

DUAL 2 is suitable for easy handling and transport by fork-lift truck. The unit consists of solid steel structure on which an electric motor and control cabinet. The cover is fitted and insulated with highly resistant board with thickness of 100 mm. Electric and mechanical components are protected in a sheltered compartment. The degassing unit can be positioned on crucible furnaces or transport ladles, the unit cover will sit on to the top rim, in order to avoid temperature loss and metal oxidation and risk of hot metal splashes. The unit can be equipped with a fixed anti-vortex skim paddle (not included).

DUAL 2 – Transportable Degassing Unit is equipped with servomotor to perform accurate and energy saving treatment. The unit is fully equipped with brushless motor and with a programmable controller, operators can run a complete automatic cycle from start to stop with different times, speed steps, rotation cycles. This will allow use and addition of fluxes in granular or microtablets; these can be added with a compact dispenser mounted on the unit.

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