Foundry products
since 1879


The H.T. filtering cloth effectively removes inclusions and slag from steel, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and from soft, spheroidal and ductile gray.
The cloth withstands casting temperatures ranging up to 1620 ° C. It also promotes better metal distribution, minimizes reoxidation and increases the effective surface for metal filtering.
The preformed shapes made with H.T. allow inclusions to be retained during casting and reduce metal turbulence.
The surface of the H.T. cloth , in contact with the molten metal, creates an adhesive layer of iron silicate. This allows the cloth to remove even micrometric inclusions for the entire duration of the casting.
Filters made by H.T. are particularly effective for removing oxides, slag, refractory particles and non metallic inclusions.

Filtering during casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

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