Foundry products
since 1879


Ceramic Foam Filters: the use of silicon carbide and special aluminum oxide for their production ensures their resistance to thermal shock and dimensional stability during the flow of liquid metal.

The use of Ceramic Foam Filters offers a number of advantages:

  • Compact, short and direct gating system.
  • Quiet, laminar flow of metal.
  • Larger plate area available for the arrangement of models.
  • Due to high filtration efficiency – considerable reduction of non-metallic inclusions (such as slag inclusion and sand holes from moulding sand).
  • Improved properties of the casting material.
  • Reduced casting costs due to increased yield resulting from a smaller gating system and reduced number of wasters (faillty castings).
  • Reduced machining costs due to improved workability, reduced machining time and reduced wear of cutting tools.

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