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The mobile Ladle Heater is the right equipment to pre-heat ladles. Is easy to use, mobile thanks to four wheels, and is the right tradeoff between high performance and low consumption. The heat radiation is made with a special diffuser screen in order to avoid flames noise and high temperature flame dart. Steel frame and structure.
The square lid can be adjusted to the desired height using an automatic up and down button.
Efficient burner with natural gas and heat radiation by hot air (no flame inside the ladle); once the desired temperature is reached, the appliance stops to optimize energy savings.


Temperature control
Simple and handy use
Optimization of energy savings
Reduced noise by using hot air heating system
Automatic system

Dimensions and features

W 1856 x H 1887 x D 1992 mm
Lid width 1300 mm (square format)
Lid/Burner min height 1400 mm
Lid/Burner max height 1780 mm (stroke 380 mm)
Max ladle capacity 1600 Kg of aluminium
Gas supply Natural (methane) has
Gas pressure supply 20 mbar (max 50 mbar)
Air flow 75 m³/h
Heating power 75 kW
Electrical power supply 400 Volt

Additional informations

Year of construction : 2016
Only used for 3 months and it is in mint conditions; kept in dry storage.
The equipment is CE marked  and in compliance with relevant  EU directives.
Instruction manual is supplied with the equipment.

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