Cuprotex 50 – Special Flux for Foundry

Cuprotex 50 is a special flux for treating brass alloys melted in crucible or reverberatory furnaces

Deox BM – Deoxidizing Tubes

Deox BM: Deoxidizing tubes are studied to eliminate oxide particles and improving alloys characteristics in bronze alloy...

Oxibron Standard – Fine Crystalline Powder

Oxibron Std (standard) is a fine crystalline powder developed for protective and covering operations during melting of c...

Riduxal 9 – Special Flux Copper

Riduxal 9 is recommended to reduce the content of aluminium in brass, gunmetal and phosphor bronze

Cuprotex 10 – Special Flux for Copper Alloys

Cuprotex 10 is a special flux for copper alloys melted in crucible furnaces...

Cuprotex 12 – Special Flux Copper

Cuprotex 12 is recommended to reduce the content of sulfur in copper alloys

Oxibron 10 – Flux in Tablets Form

Oxibron 10, flux supplied in tablets form, is recommended for metal treatment of copper alloys, especially for Gunmetals...

Thermix 53 – Exothermic Powder

Thermix 53: exothermic powder to cover the upper surfaces of the supplies in the production of alloys Bronze

Deox F – Tubes for Removing Oxides

Deox "F" tubes are recommended for removing oxides from melts in commercial Copper alloys, Brass, Bronze, Gunmetal...

Deox BC – Deoxidizing Tubes

Deoxidizing tubes Deox BC are suitable for reduction of oxides particles and improving in copper based alloys...