Microcote 6000 – Extrusion Lubricant

Microcote 6000 is a special powder used in the lubrication of the hot areas in the billets extrusion process

Metalcote Stick – Lubricant in Solid Stick Form

Metalcote Stick is a special lubricant in solid stick form

METALCOTE STICK 2000 – Lubricant in Solid Stick Form

Metalcote Stick 2000 is a special lubricant, in solid stick form

Metalcote 224 – Casting Lubricant Grease

Metalcote 224: dispersion of semicolloidal Aluminium and graphite in a medium viscosity lubricating grease

Metalcote 219 – Special Lubricating Grease

Metalcote 219 is a special lubricating grease for high temperature applications

Grafo Spray 310 – Lubricant in Spray

Grafo Spray 310: protective and lubricant agent bottled in spray cans containing special micronized graphite