METALCOTE 1076 – Insulating Dressing

Metalcote 1076: insulating dressing to avoid Aluminium contamination, iron pick-up or inclusions of refractory particles...

METALCOTE 1076 – Insulating Dressing

Metalcote 1076: insulating dressing used for total protection of refractories, castable materials or metal tools in cont...

METALCOTE 221 – Lubricant for Metal Parts

Metalcote 221: lubricant for general use on metal parts like cores, slides and other

METALCOTE 24 S – Insulating Die-Coating

Metalcote 24 S: die-coating which consists of a blend of insulating mineral compounds, water, binder and additives

METALCOTE 77/1 – Primer for Insulating Steel Dies

Metalcote 77/1: primer for insulating steel dies in contact with molten Aluminium...

METKOTE 101 – Protective Coating

Metkote 101: protective coating with tixotropic elements to be diluted in water and applied on refractory insulating lin...

METALCOTE 27 – Medium Insulating Die Dressing

Metalcote 27: medium insulating dressing widely used in aluminium gravity die-casting foundries

METALCOTE 4516 – Insulating Die Dressing

Metalcote 4516: a "medium fine" surface finish insulating dressing, for dies used in gravity casting process of aluminiu...

NEWCOTE AL – Base Coating on Steel Dies

Newcote Al 29: is used as base coating on steel dies and prevents molten metal erosion in critical areas

NEWCOTE AL 227 – Insulating Die Dressing

Newcote AL 227: insulating die dressing used in aluminium gravity and low pressure aluminium foundries

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