DUAL SEF - Rotor Degassing Unit: device for rotor degassing treatments, designed for aluminum foundries

Graphite Rings for Billet Casting Process

Machined Graphite Rings are an important part of the billet casting process. Graphite rings are available in different s...

Metalcote 1509 – Plunger Lubricant

Metalcote 1509 is a plunger lubricant, oil based, pigmented with special graphite...

Metalcote 1503 – Plunger Lubricant

Metalcote 1503 is a non pigmented plunger lubricant for use on beryllium copper tips

Metalcote 1076 – Insulating Dressing

Metalcote 1076: insulating dressing to avoid Aluminium contamination, iron pick-up or inclusions of refractory particles...

Nabox – Sodium Modifier

Nabox tins contain pure metallic sodium. The product is used for the modification of aluminium-silicon alloys containing...

Flotab 10 – Tablets for Deoxidising Action

Flotab 10: tablets for a cleaning and deoxidising action over molten aluminium alloys

Newcote 2600 – Fine Insulating Die Dressing

Newcote 2600: very fine insulating dressing for coating die faces of gravity and low pressure dies used for...

Metalcote 27 – Medium Insulating Die Dressing

Metalcote 27: medium insulating dressing widely used in aluminium gravity die-casting foundries

Crystal 2026 – Drossing-Off and Deoxidizing Treatments

Crystal 2026, supplied in granules, is suitable for drossing-off and deoxidizing...

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