PYROMETER SHEATS – Protection of thermocouples

Pyrometer sheats for the protection of thermocouples in contact with[...]

CESACOAT X3 – High temperature mastic

CESACOAT X3: high temperature mastic

CRYSTAL 6000 – Covering and Drossing-Off Flux

CRYSTAL 6000 is a granulated flux characterized by complete absence of dust, very low percentage of use and [...]


Accutip thermocouples - please contact us for this product.

DUAL SEM – Portable Degassing Unit

DUAL SEM - Portable Degassing Unit, is designed for aluminium foundries, for the degassing treatments with rotor.

DUAL 2 – Transportable Degassing Unit

DUAL 2 - Transportable Degassing Unit operating with rotary degassing treatment. Steel structure with electric motor and...

DUAL SEF – Rotor Degassing Unit

DUAL SEF - Rotor Degassing Unit: device for rotor degassing treatments, designed for aluminum foundries

METALCOTE STICK – Lubricant in Solid Stick Form

Metalcote Stick is a special lubricant in solid stick form

METKOTE 101 – Protective Coating

Metkote 101: protective coating with tixotropic elements to be diluted in water and applied on refractory insulating lin...

GERMINAL 1520 – Grain Refining Tablets

Germinal 1520 has good dispersion of grain refining cores

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