METALCOTE 1076 – Insulating Dressing

Metalcote 1076 is a high quality insulating dressing used for total protection of refractories, castable materials or metal tools in contact with molten Aluminium (Launders, spouts, ladles and tundishes of billet casting machines). Metalcote 1076 is recommended to avoid Aluminium contamination, iron pick-up or inclusions of refractory particles into liquid metal. Packaging and storage 40 … Continued

NEWCOTE 3450 – Water Based Boron Nitride Inorganic Coating

Newcote 3450 is a water based boron nitride inorganic coating, chemically inert, not wetted by molten Aluminium alloys. The product is suitable for the protection of ceramic or metallic substrates. Newcote 3450 is especially suitable for protecting launders and hot top ceramics components in billet casting machines, concast tips or hot top rings and nozzle. … Continued

FIRECOTE 1225 – Protective Coating

Firecote 1225 is a protective coating in fluid form. The product contains high purity zirconium and performs as a protective layer over ceramic surfaces, against molten aluminium erosion. It is applied on ceramic, refractory, ferrous, metallic substrates. Firecote 1225 adheres strongly to most dense ceramic castables and insulating materials used in aluminium cast houses and … Continued