METALCOTE 77/1 – Primer for Insulating Steel Dies

Metalcote 77/1 is a special semi-insulating product recommended for coating dies of low-pressure and gravity permanent mold. Metalcote 77/1 contains fine ingredients and is capable not to alter the thermal conductivity value of the final surface dressing in contact with liquid metal. Metalcote 77/1 is widely used by foundries producing automobile or bikes wheels and … Continued

CERACOTE 41 – Insulating Protective Coating

Ceracote 41 is an insulating protective coating applied on steel moulds when pouring aluminum alloys. The product allows easy release of the part after solidification. In case the metallostatic pressure will not be enough to fill the complete cavities, it is advisable to use Newcote AL 227 to help the flow of metal and filling … Continued