Metalcote 1076 – Insulating Dressing

Metalcote 1076 is a high quality insulating dressing used for total protection of refractories, castable materials or metal tools in contact with molten Aluminium (Launders, spouts, ladles and tundishes of billet casting machines). Metalcote 1076 is recommended to avoid Aluminium contamination, iron pick-up or inclusions of refractory particles into liquid metal. Packaging and storage 40 … Continued

Metalcote 35 – Semi-Insulating Coating

Metalcote 35 is a graphite, lubricating, semi-insulating coating used on die faces, moving parts, cores and slides of dies in gravity casting of Aluminium alloys. It is supplied in a soft paste easily dilutable in water. Metalcote 35 is a good over coat for the primer insulating coating such as Metalcote 24: this will help … Continued

Newcote AL 23 – Main Layer on Steel Dies

Newcote Al 23 is recommended for coating dies of low pressure and gravity permanent mold. Newcote Al 23 contains insulating minerals and it is studied to resist to thermal shocks and abrasion deterioration during extended production cycles. Newcote Al 23 is widely used by foundries producing automobile components. Newcote Al 23 is used as main … Continued

Metalcote 28 – Fine Die Dressing

Metalcote 28 is recommended for the production of Aluminium castings with smooth surface finish. The product has strong adhesivity and is widely used when large series of castings are produced. It helps directional solidification and slowing down cooling behaviour of the alloy. Metalcote 28 is a “fine” dressing designed to be sprayed on the die … Continued

Newcote 3450 – Water Based Boron Nitride Inorganic Coating

Newcote 3450 is a water based boron nitride inorganic coating, chemically inert, not wetted by molten Aluminium alloys. The product is suitable for the protection of ceramic or metallic substrates. Newcote 3450 is especially suitable for protecting launders and hot top ceramics components in billet casting machines, concast tips or hot top rings and nozzle. … Continued

Firecote 1225 – Protective Coating

Firecote 1225 is a protective coating in fluid form. The product contains high purity zirconium and performs as a protective layer over ceramic surfaces, against molten aluminium erosion. It is applied on ceramic, refractory, ferrous, metallic substrates. Firecote 1225 adheres strongly to most dense ceramic castables and insulating materials used in aluminium cast houses and … Continued

Metkote 101 – Protective Coating

Metkote 101 is a new protective agent formulated with tixotropic elements to be diluted in water and applied on refractory insulating linings or metal surfaces in contact with molten aluminium alloys. Ideal for the protection of cast iron pouring ladles, skimmers, degassing lances, launders, iron crucibles, filter boxes and ingot moulds. Dross press heads and … Continued

Newcote 4200 – Boron Nitride Based Coating

Newcote 4200 is a boron nitride based coating enriched with a special binder resistant to high temperatures and to the action of the liquid metal. It is studied to be applied with brush or spray gun. Newcote 4200 is recommended for porous and non-porous surfaces, insulation ceramic materials in the casting of aluminum alloys that … Continued

Metalcote 4516 – Insulating Die Dressing

Metalcote 4516, is a “medium fine” surface finish insulating dressing, for dies used in gravity casting process of aluminium alloys. Metalcote 4516 is suitable for production of small and medium size castings. The product has strong adhesivity and is widely used for large production volumes. It helps directional solidification, slowing down the cooling effect of … Continued

Metalcote 1995 – Protective Coating

Metalcote 1995 is a special coating used for protection of cast iron and steel tools in contact with molten Aluminium. Most common application is for protecting pouring ladles in pressure or gravity die castings foundries. Metalcote 1995 is recommended to avoid erosion activity of Aluminium and iron pick-up in the composition of the alloy. The … Continued