METALCOTE 36/1 – Lubricant in Aluminium and Copper Alloys

Metalcote 36/1 is a dispersion of colloidal graphite in water with a premium quality binder. The product is recommended as a general lubricant in Aluminium and Copper alloys gravity mould and as parting agent of solidification process (rolling mill, extrusion, etc). It is formulated to allow the formation of a very thin lubricating layer on … Continued

METALCOTE 111 – Lubricant coating for metal dies

Metalcote 111 is based on semi-colloidal graphite suspended in water. It is a lubricant for general use on metal parts like cores, slides and other moving parts of gravity or low pressure cast dies. The product is manufacturated with excellent heat conducting and lubricating properties giving maximum protection and lubrication to metal surfaces. Metalcote 111 … Continued

METALCOTE 35 – Semi-Insulating Coating

Metalcote 35 is a graphite, lubricating, semi-insulating coating used on die faces, moving parts, cores and slides of dies in gravity casting of Aluminium alloys. It is supplied in a soft paste easily dilutable in water. Metalcote 35 is a good over coat for the primer insulating coating such as Metalcote 24: this will help … Continued

METALCOTE 28 – Fine Die Dressing

Metalcote 28 is recommended for the production of Aluminium castings with smooth surface finish. The product has strong adhesivity and is widely used when large series of castings are produced. It helps directional solidification and slowing down cooling behaviour of the alloy. Metalcote 28 is a “fine” dressing designed to be sprayed on the die … Continued