Magnesil 214

Magnesil 214 is a special powdered flux for covering, cleaning and recovering Magnesium treatments in crucible furnaces. The product produces fluid dross which helps to reduce molten metal oxidation and to absorb inclusions. Non-metallic impurities are absorbed by the flux which sinks to the bottom of the melt. It is particularly indicated for Magnesium casting … Continued

Zincogen 318

Fumeless covering and cleansing flux for Zinc based alloys. The low temperature melting point of Zinc creates easy oxidation of metal. It is advisable to melt Zinc under a protective cover of Zincogen 318. The product removes, from molten metal, all impurities and oxides. It reduces formation of Zinc oxides and metal losses. It improves … Continued

Cuprotex 10

Cuprotex 10 is a special flux for copper alloys melted in crucible furnaces. The product forms a reducing atmosphere that drastically reduce oxidation of the metal during melting and holding time. Cuprotex 10 is normally applied when metal temperature is over 900°C. Packaging and storage 25 kg paper bag laminated with polythene, moisture resistant, heat sealed … Continued

Cupral 103 N

Cupral 103 N is a special flux recommended to reduce oxides formation in aluminium bronzes, manganese bronzes, silicon bronzes and brasses con­taining aluminium. The product also redu­ces the build-up of heavy drosses on crucibles and furnaces walls and creates a protective cover on metal bath, reducing gas pick-up. Cupral 103 N is ideal to prevent … Continued

Crystal 2600

Crystal 2600 is produced in granular form and has an improved formulation to perform effective covering and drossing on molten aluminium alloys. The product is normally recommended for melts standing in melting furnace, in transport ladles or during rotor degassing in ladles and crucibles. The formulation is based on inorganic and natural blended salts. This … Continued

Oxibron 10

Oxibron 10, supplied in tablets form, is recommended for metal treatment of copper alloys, especially for Gunmetals, Tin-bronzes, Lead-bronzes (with Lead content below 10%). The product gives the advantage of three different, essential actions: covering, cleansing, degassing. The tablets, charged in the bottom of the crucible before metal addition, during melting operation, decompose and release … Continued

Cuprogen 12/RT

Cuprogen 12 R/T tablets release Nitrogen gas, useful when metal must be washed and degassed to remove oxides and impurities. Cuprogen 12 R/T tablets have a combined effect of physical and chemical nature. The tablet, dissolved by metal temperature, releases nitrogen gas capable to remove hydrogen dissolved in the metal and all non-metallic impurities floating … Continued

Aluclean 18

Aluclean 18 is a covering and drossing-off flux to be used in melting and holding furnaces for aluminium alloys. During melting operation the cover flux protects the molten charge from the oxidizing furnace flames. Aluclean 18 reduces oxide inclusions formation in liquid metal. When used as drossing-off flux, Aluclean 18 must be stir into the … Continued

Thermix 53

Thermix 53 is an exothermic powder recommended to cover the upper surfaces of the supplies in the production of alloys Bronze.The product forms, during its balanced reaction, a lumpy crust which insulate feeders and allows a controlled solidification. The formulation is studied to be used on risers/feeders of any size (diameters) . Packaging and storage … Continued

Deox BM

Deoxidizing tubes Deox BM are studied to eliminate oxide particles and improving alloys characteristics in bronze alloy. The presence of oxide particles, which are generated during melting, decreases physical and mechanical properties of copper alloys and helps gas absorption in the molten metal. Deox BM is formulated to remove oxygen from the molten bath to … Continued